Monday, April 12, 2010

One Fish Two Fish

Three mornings a week, my life consists of fish. Watching fish, counting fish, chasing fish, weighing fish, administering drugs to fish... I spend a lot more time than the average human does with fish. Anthropomorphizing is inevitable.

Sometimes I feel like a therapist they don't quite trust. Every time they do something, I look down at my clipboard and make a note. Some of them stop what they're doing when they see me move and stare at me suspiciously. I think I'm making them paranoid.

Some of them learn the spots in the tank I can't maneuver to catch them, and I'm pretty sure they make it a point to go there first. They don't respond to my swearing.

One thing that's nice about plopping down in front of a tank of fish: they don't care how you sit in a dress.

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